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Assist & Empower is a UK registered social enterprise (CIC) with the aim to empower disadvantaged communities in the UK with a key focus to empower:

  • Young people categorised as at risk
  • Those involved in the criminal justice system
  • Those categorised as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and,
  • Those experiencing mental health issues.

We offer a range of life skills, alternative education, training and wellbeing support services. Additionally, we provide culturally sensitive support services to members of BAME communities particularly those under our key focus areas.

Our focus is on empowering the individuals we work with to develop the necessary wellbeing and skills to develop a sense of control in their lives, to think for themselves and make decisions for themselves and challenge the inequalities they and their communities face.




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To empower disadvantaged communities in the UK by delivering support services aimed at improving their health and wellbeing and developing their knowledge and skills. 


Our values are an insight into what we care about, who we are striving to be and what type of service we are committed to providing. We invite you to join us in practicing these values and consequently making this world a much easier place for us all to live in.  



A society where communities are supported and empowered.

We are passionate and committed in making our platform one in which all feel included and are able to be their authentic self without fear of judgement or being ostracized.

We believe empathy creates a better world and as such we accept our clients, colleagues and all we come into contact with as they are and seek to understand them, value them and find ways we can support and/or work together.

We believe that being kind to others helps create a better world in which people grow closer together by practicing this value. We provide an environment where all we come in contact with can be sure to be greeted with a friendly face :) , support and a cup of tea.

We believe a positive mind creates positive outcomes and as such our platform promotes a positive, welcoming, respectful, encouraging and friendly environment to all those we support, work with and come into contact with.

We respect every individual we work with and come across and value their ideas, contribution and feedback.

We believe in creating an environment where we and all we work with are supported to practice courage. Our understanding of courage is “showing up as you are”. It’s willing to speak and act from a place of sincerity and authenticity. It’s recognizing that you have imperfections and not letting it limit you or hold you back. It can be tough practicing this value but we’re here to support each other :)

It takes a united effort to reach our common goal and as such we promote working with all those we support, colleagues and all others who care and are passionate about our work.



We offer a range of life skills and wellbeing support services to clients including professionals/businesses. If you'd like to learn more about our services/quotes/access our business plan then contact director Miss Rahma Saeed at



We empower by providing:

  • Life skills, alternative education and access to work training
  • Wellbeing support: mentoring/befriending projects, group sessions on emotional wellbeing.

*All our services can be delivered to a range of clients and are also culturally sensitive so that all we work with are provided tools to support them to realize their full potential.

Social Outcomes

As a result of working with our team, clients develop:

  • Emotional wellbeng: Increase in  confidence, self-esteem, acceptance of self, motivation, a reduction in isolation, anxiety and stress.

  • Education: increase in knowledge in the areas of self-advocacy, effective strategies to deal with life problems and increase of staff knowledge in understanding the cultural background of BAME clients.

  • Achieving goals: Increase in a sense of direction and/or purpose in life and tools to help  with goal setting.